Laser Treatments

Acne Treatments

SharpLight’s skin solution systems effectively treat mild and moderate inflammatory acne with a safe and reliable drug-free method. SharpLight’s machines fight this chronic skin disease, which affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. Our technologies balance three clinical methods into one all-encompassing approach:

  1. Implement visible blue light absorption to produce free radicals in the sebaceous gland, which destroy bacteria on acne lesions
  2. Use yellow light to coagulate feeding blood vessels, improving healing
  3. Dry lesions with infrared light.

This treatment process usually results in a 60-65% reduction of papules and pustules.

*In addition to these treatments we recommend facials and appropriate skin care products. As wheat and dairy are often contributors we also analyze diet. Our goal is to help and work within your budget.

Acne Laser Consultation: $60 / 60 min

Treatment Areas

Upper Back