Clinical Facials

All of our Facials (except the Basic and Acne Facials) include a complimentary brow shape and foot massage! We proudly carry SkinCeuticals, Yonka and G.M. Collin skin care products. Each Facial starts with a skin analysis to determine your skin type, you and your esthetician can discuss which Facial is best suited for you.  

SkinCeuticals Clinical Facials

Alpha Corrective Facial

This facial focuses on exfoliation, correction, hydration and protection.

~ 90 mins. $150

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning Facial Dermaplaning exfoliates dead skin and removes peach fuzz leaving the skin ultra smooth. This process of exfoliation allows products to penetrate optimally giving better results of skincare products. This is a SkinCeuticals protocol facial and either an AHA or Enzyme exfoliant as well as a brow shape. Dermaplaning is not for all skin types so please call for more information. Dermaplaning is done as a full facial and a stand alone treatment.

Full Facial $190
Dermaplane only $75

G.M. Collin Facials

Botinol Facial

Botinol Facial This anti-age facial effectively reduces expression lines providing an instant long term youthful appearance. Excellent when done as a series.

~ 90 mins. $150

Collagen Facial

Collagen Facial Known as the non-surgical facelift. Smoothes fine lines, moisturizes and can reduce scarring.

~ 90 mins. $150

Algo-Mask Facial

Algo-Mask Facial For all skin types, contains a thermo cooling effect that calms, hydrates, reduces redness and evens skin tone.

~ 90 mins. $150

C Sea Spa Facial

C Sea Spa Facial This anti-oxidant treatment contains Vitamin 'C' and algae to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and promotes cell renewal.

~ 90 mins. $150

Hydrolifting Facial

Hydrolifting Facial Our most hydrating facial that also improves the skin's elasticity.

~ 90 mins. $150

Basic Facial

Basic Facial Our Basic Facial uses Yonka or G.M. Collin products. Perfect for beginners or in between Clinical Facials. No Brow Shape or foot massage included in this facial.

~ 75 minutes $135

Yon-Ka Facials

Hydra Lessence Facial

Hydrates, smoothes fine lines, reduces redness and evens the skin tone. Customized for each skin type and includes the fruit-mask. Smells amazing and is for all skin types.

~ 90 mins $150

Acne Facial (Adult and Teen)

An oxygenating and detoxifying treatment that increases oxygen consumption of cells and prevents bacteria causing acne. Helps with acne caused from hormone imbalances.

60 min/$110

Men's Facial

Yonka's Men's Line uses grapefruit and other citrus essential oils for a light fresh scent that men love. This facial focuses on exfoliation and hydration for all skin types. To maintain your results ask about our home care products which include a cleanser, shave gel, spray lotion (better than after shave!), exfoliant and moisturiser.

~ 90 mins $150