Staff Seasonal Picks

Angela Starck, Owner/Esthetician 

GM Collin Mature Perfections Creams 

The Mature Perfection line includes a day and night cream and serum that are a perfect addition to their line of products...especially for the winter. With ingredients like ceramides, peptides and hyaluronic acid your skin will feel firmer, well hydrated and silky smooth during the dry, cold weather. Depending on your skin type you could use one cream for day and night or splurge and get both...they will last a long time with it's rich buttery texture. 

Laura, Esthetician

G.M. Collin Vital C Serum 

I love this product because of its ability to neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from UV damage and pre-mature aging. The added benefit of peptides helps target fine lines and hydrate the skin nicely. 

Julianne, Esthetician

Skin Ceuticals HA Intensifer

This is my favorite new product because of the amazing benefits I see in my own skin and I want to pass this onto all of my clients! If you want added hydration, firming and increased volume in your skin this Hyaluronic booster is the product of choice. 

Deanna, Spa Manager 

Yonka Hydra 1 Fluid 

This I love the whole Hydra 1 line but especially the Fluid for the summer time because of it's light moisturizing texture. It hydrates deeply without leaving the skin feeling greasy. I love it with my anti-oxidant underneath and SPF over top. 

Angela Favel, Esthetician  

Yonka Booster Serums...Hydra Plus, Nutri Plus, Defense Plus and Firming Plus

I love these serums for the variety of skin types they over, choose from 4 different skin types, the blend of essential oils and plant extracts adds an amazing aromatic scent to your daily regime. 


Orchid and Stones