Our Electrologist, Rosemary McKenzie has over 35 years experience. This permanent form of hair removal is suited for all face and body hair, including white and dark hair and peach fuzz. First time visits require an initial consultation and can be booked on-line. Consultations are 1 hour and include your own needle. During this time Rosemary will explain how electrolysis works and what to expect after each visit. The remaining time is used as part of your initial treatment. Call to book follow-up appointments.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

$95 / 60 Min

30 Minute Treatment

$70 / 30 min

45 Minute Treatment

$90 / 45 min

60 Minute Treatment

$110 / 60 min

75 Minute Treatment

$140 / 75 min

90 Minute Treatment

$160 / 90 min

105 Minute Treatment

$180 / 105 min

120 Minute Treatment

$200 / 120 min

Did you know?

We wear gloves during all treatments a side from massage, which can be done by request.

Although not BC law yet, some provinces and US States already enforce this practice. In addition to good hand washing practices it adds safety for ourselves and clients.

Using new gloves every treatment, we prevent the spread of pathogens including germs, viruses or blood born pathogens we might be in contact with when waxing or performing extractions. Our nitrile gloves are latex free and fit like a second skin.